$1 per minute
Corporate chair massage also offered. Call for contract pricing.
Seated Chair Massage:
On-site massage is a stress reducing, rejuvenating massage. It is applied in a supported seated position with the clothes on. It is generally performed in the workplace as an abbreviated massage lasting 10-20 minutes. The focus is on the back, neck, shoulders and arms. The purpose is to create a short relaxing break to a hectic busy day. Studies have shown that corporate massage increases productivity, raises employee moral and reduces sick leave. It’s just good business.
Additional Services: (These services can add-on to any other service)
Cupping Therapy $15
Tok Sen therapy $15

Tok Sen is a centuries old Northern Thai healing technique developed by Buddhist Monks. A rhythmic method of tapping using a wooden mallet and wedge create a healing vibration that penetrates into the facia and muscle of the body. The healing vibration helps release muscle tension, improve circulation, relieve aches and pain, clear energy blockages and create deep relaxation.

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Therapeutic Massage