I have complicated neuropathy issues in my back and leg due to a car accident, as well as a few degenerative issues. I can absolutely say that the massage therapy I have recieved from Michael has made a tremendous positive difference in my pain level and the restoration of my range of motion. I highly recommend him.
Diann S. - Olathe, KS

I have experienced massages locally and at resorts and spas world-wide. Michael is my favorite massage therapist "hands on"! He never disappoints.
Daniel C., Ph.D. - Mission, KS

I am a "post polio" individual with limited mobility, getting around with the aid of crutches and a mobility scooter. My weekly massages keep me more relaxed and mobile. I rest and sleep better. I highly recommend Michael's therapeutic massage for everyone.
Byron M. - Prairie Village, KS

Mike, that was one of the best massages I ever have experienced. Thanks again, so very much!
David F. - Cleveland OH
I wanted to thank you for all you have done to help Mary and I. Mary...being elderly and bedridden so looks forward to your massages and gentle exercise of her ligaments. We believe they have helped her over these months to have a better quality of life over all. And your help with me using the Myokinesthetic technique has been very helpful in me regaining feeling in my fingers. I have gone regularly to the chiropractors for a number of years with no real relief for this problem... but this has helped me regain feeling thank you so much.
Robin W. - KC, KS

My son has traumatic brain injury as a result of a car accident 5 years ago. When we came to Mike for Myokinesthetic Therapy, Tom was very tight in his right arm & leg, similar to a stroke victim. After several treatments from Mike, I could visibly see the relaxation in his face and his right arm and leg. The fingers & thumb, which were in a fist, relaxed so his thumb is straight & his fingers uncurled. We can manipulate his leg to a 45 degree angle, where it had been very stiff and hard to bend prior to treatment. We continue to see improvement & are very thankful to Mike for his hard work.
Rosemary B. - Gardner, KS

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