Certified Practitioner:
Chinese cupping is a form of acupressure where glass or plastic cups are placed on the skin with a gentle suction pressure. The suction from the cups causes the skin and superficial muscle to be lightly drawn into the cup creating a "negative" pressure. The cups are placed at specific points along the energy meridian pathways stimulating and opening life energy channels and moving stagnant blood and chi. Using a "gliding cupping" technique, where a small amount of oil is used , the suctioned cups are gently moved across the skin. For most people it is a rather relaxing and relieving sensation. Cupping has been used to relieve back and neck pain, stiff sore muscles, anxiety, fatigue and headaches. Cupping encourages blood flow and sedates the nervous system. It is one of the best "deep tissue" therapies available. It is thought to affect the tissue up to four inches deep thus helping to release toxins and blockages.
The Myokinesthetic system can be performed fully clothed with no lotions, oils or creams. A session can last a mere 10-15 minutes and produce dramatic results.

This technique is best utilized in a package of 3 sessions.

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